Alienware upgrades its X51 with Intel’s Haswell processor and NVIDIA GTX 670

Dell’s line-up or gaming PCs known as Alienware has now pushed a new upgrade for all the X51 variants, just in time before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2013) which is dated for June 11 to June 13.

According to a new report on IGN, Alienware has introduced a new model with the same design as its predecessor but has now upgraded the configuration to Intel’s fourth generation Haswell chipset and the GTX 670 graphic card from NVIDIA.

Apart from the aforementioned, Alienware will now be offering a dual HDD or SSD storage allowing customers to have massive storage capacity o the machines. We are not sure yet whether they offer a HDD and SSD combination for the Alienware X51.

The starting price for the new configuration is $699 which converts to Rs. 40,000 approximately and this one is without the new fourth generation Haswell processor from Intel. The ones with Haswell will be available for over $1,449 which converts to Rs. 80,000 approximately. The pricing for the same are expected to be much higher in the Indian market, and aforementioned are just approximate conversions.

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