Adobe says, Flash on 250 Million Devices by end of 2012

Adobe has recently reported that they expect Flash to be installed on over 250 million devices by the end of the year 2012. We all know that a mobile-version of Flash has been created which allows the software to function on less powerful devices. The version is not very efficient at this time and is a bit sluggish, it is expected to go under a lot of development and eventually improve the functionality.

Steve Jobs has earlier criticized Flash by calling it various negative things and it looks like Adobe has taken it seriously and is now working to re-invent the Flash platform. The new HTML 5 standard is a very challenging technology against Flash and many companies have already embraced its power.

On the other hand the Google Android is providing complete Flash support and others like BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 , etc. are expected to fully support this technology. Well, Adobe is surely working hard enough to improve the current standard of their once ruling technology as new technologies are proving a threat to Flash. Let us see where Adobe heads and what new improvements do they have to offer.

Source: Reuters UK

6 thoughts on “Adobe says, Flash on 250 Million Devices by end of 2012”

  1. Great – I’ll play the one video per day all our data cap allowancs will allow! This really is no big deal anymore we can’t afford to play the flash videos with all the carriers new data pricing structure. Everyone back to blackberries and forget these superphones. Ferraris without petrol.

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