5 Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

Google Chrome is a really brilliant browser and with all the new extension coming in, it has been moving close to Mozilla Firefox. Here is a list of some really brilliant extension for Google Chrome which would help you improve your productivity when online. I agree there are a lot more out there and if you have some other extensions which you would like to share with everyone, let us know.


It is a brilliant extension to script repetitive browser tasks and simple press of a button. It is a bit difficult for beginners to understand but after using it and going through a few tutorials it gets a bit easy to understand. It allows you to scrip any repetitive browser action, you can also send links to others to auto-fill forms and iMacros really helps in automating various tasks


Remember the Milk

This is a really useful, simple and easy task manager for Google Chrome users. Remember the Milk extension brings all the functionality of the applications directly to your Google Chrome browser. You don’t even need to log in to RTM to set up tasks and you can keep tracks of all your tasks from your browser.


Session Manager

This is a brilliant way to store the current state of your Google Chrome browser and then come back to that status whenever you want to. For example, you can create a session for your Social Networking sites, another one for all your news sites and another one for your email accounts. Then you can simply switch between them whenever you want. The Session Manager extension also lets you manage multiple social networking profiles so that you save some time and improve your productivity.



This is without doubt the best feed reader extension for Google Chrome. Feedly, gets you all your favorite RSS feeds in a brilliant magazine-like format. It is really beautiful on the Google Chrome browser and you can also sort your feeds by making categories.



This extension helps you limit the amount of time you spend on websites or other web applications. Using StayFocusd you can also block certain sites in the Chrome browser so that you first get the important things done and later move on to the un-important things. It is quite customizable as you can block a particular social bookmarking site but then you also have an option which just lets you submit or bookmark a page. It has helped me a lot on improving productivity and keeping me away from distractions.


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