Airtel partners with Google India to launch ‘Free Zone’

A recent partnership between Bharti Airtel and Google India has created a new service called ‘Free Zone’. This service enables Airtel smartphone and feature phone users to access certain Google services including Google web search and Gmail for no cost.

To activate this service Airtel users will have to visit the Free Zone webpage to get started with this service. When users Google a query through the Free Zone, the first website which shows up in the results will be free and won’t consume the users’ data. Users will further be able to check and read emails on Gmail as well as check their Google+ profile free of cost.

Though you can check emails, clicking on any email link or attaching anything to a mail or clicking on a search result other than the first on Google Search, will deduct data from your balance or cost you for that usage. When a user leaves the Free Zone, Airtel will inform the user about the applicable data charges and also suggest an appropriate data package for purchase.

Airtel’s N Rajaram said, “In this market, where feature phones predominate, our association with Google to bring Free Zone to India will encourage millions of users to discover the power of mobile internet for the very first time and leverage the amazing world of information search, email and social collaboration – at no incremental cost.”


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