Google’s Tango Tablet to be Built by LG in 2015, Will Cost $1,024

Google is an immense company and it is one of the biggest device and service brands in the world, being able to encompass a lot of different fields under its helm. Google’s depth-sensing Project Tango involves smartphones and tablets that can replicate the 3D environment surrounding us.

At the Google I/O conference, the company has announced that hardware partner LG will produce a commercial version of the Project Tango tablet which will be available in 2015. However, we’re not even sure if this will happen in the beginning, middle or the end of the year.

With Project Tango, Google has embedded a depth-sensing camera technology which allows for real-time processing on mobile hardware. If we can put it this way, a sort of more technologically advanced Kinect built inside a smartphone or tablet.

The implications of such a technology are vast, ranging from interactive augmented reality gaming to navigation for the visually impaired. Since we’re talking about a niche production and limited production, this results in a high price – $1,024. And, at the moment, it seems that only verified Android developers will be able to buy them.

Google’s move is a bold one and which is something that we need in the mobile market. We need more products that address various problems, not just incremental updates with popular smartphones and tablets.

Devices that could help those visually impaired or interior designers, architects, engineers and whatnot – this is what Project Tango is all about. If there will be enough demand, Google will most likely try to decrease the price in time.

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