Windows 8.1 Users Keep Complaining About WiFi dropping and “Limited” Errors

When it was released, Windows 8.1 brought many new features and updates which made Windows 8 much more useful for millions of users across the world. But the upgrade brought along some annoying features, such as troubles with limited or dropping Wi-Fi.

The problem was first voiced back in October, 2013, when a Windows 8.1 user said the following on the Microsoft Community support forums:

“Since installing 8.1 Pro, I’m having issues with WiFi dropping internet connectivity and always showing “Limited” when clicking on the system tray icon.  When I troubleshoot the problem using the system tool it is always the gateway that is faulty. ”

“I have uninstalled/reinstalled the device drivers several times, installed the newest drivers directly from Intel, restarted the computer, etc.  I can restore connectivity by turning WiFi off then back on, but the connection will drop at what seems to be random intervals.”

There have been several fixes suggested, such as one coming from Wind8Apps and being quite exhaustive, but even today, almost 9 months after the problem has been originally signaled, there are still many complaining.

“I can connect to all networks. The connection drops after about 5 to 10 minutes.
Using the Nokia phone as a wireless device (modem) works.
Changing the SSID didn´t work (unfortunately)”

It seems that many of these problems related to the WiFi connectivity have been solved by Microsoft with updates issued through the Windows Update section. So, my advice is to make sure you’re running all of them.

If you’re still having problems, express them by leaving your comment below and we’ll try to find a solution together.

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