Google Fiber Android App Welcomes New Features and Options

By using the official Google Fiber Android app, you can control your entire Google Fiber TV experience. There aren’t too many Google Fiber users yet, but the service is rapidly expanding, especially after Google has recently bought a 5G-focused start-up.

With the official Google Fiber app for Android users, it’s possible to find and discover TV shows and movies that are airing live. Also, you can watch content recorded on your DVR and available on-demand.

Google has recently issued an important update which brings a few new features, as well as some other improvements. Let’s have a look at them:

  • enhanced grouping and sorting of TV episodes & movies – this feature will make navigation much easier within the app and will bring you to the content that you want as quickly as possible
  • cast & crew screen containing biography and filmography – a useful option which will help users get the desired info when needed. This is a direct hit to users of the IMDb Android app.

Besides the above mentioned changes and updates, there have been issued some other minor user interface improvements that make the app feel much faster and familiar. Of course, a bunch of of other bug fixes have made their way as well.

Follow this link and get the updated Google Fiber Android app to browse, rent and watch your favorite on-demand content. Of course, don’t forget that a subscription to the Google Fiber TV service is required, of course.

The current version seems to be well-received by those who have downloaded and installed it. User Marcella Rios said the following:

“Awesome in KC! The day I left AT&T for Google Fiber was the best day EVER!!!! Love Google Fiber and Google Fiber App!!”

Let us know what is your experience with using Google Fiber on your Android smartphone or tablet by leaving your comment below.

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