What’s New in the Latest Xbox One Software Update

At the beginning of this month, the Xbox One system software has been updated with a bunch of new features. Since I haven’t used my gaming console from Microsoft in quite a while, I realized that I missed on some really useful features and new options, so have decided to do a story on this, just in case there are other users like me.

What’s in the Xbox One system software

On June 3, the Xbox One system software has been bumped to version 6.2.11064.0, bringing the following important features:

External storage and more features

One of the biggest and most awaited features is the inclusion of external hard drives. Xbox One users can now connect up to two drives in the same time. The external drives must be USB 3.0-compatible and have a 256GB or bigger size. You can install games, apps and other content and even have it moved between consoles, which is really convenient.

At the moment, storage locations can be managed through console interface, but most likely, it will soon be possible with the companion apps, as well.

More Friends option

With the latest software update, Xbox One users can make their real name known to other users, which will enabling them to locate fast. Of course, you can still use nicknames. You can choose to remain anonymous or to reveal your real name to all your friends or just to a couple of them.

New Xbox Live Gold features

Xbox Live Gold members can now find information on various Gold-level features, like Games with Gold and Deals with Gold (special pricing on content. There’s also members-only announcements that will be visible in the section, as well.

features

Xbox One owners can now set up a single account that will automatically log-on at system start-up. Also, new search features have been added to the online store which now allow for faster searching for the desired content.

New TV and OneGuide options

  • Expanded command & control database
  • Improved power management settings
  • Premium TV options added for: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy

Xbox One game developers will also take advantage of the 10% increase of the GPU which will result in games running at 1080p and 60 fps. If you already have installed the latest software update, let us know what is your experience with it be leaving your comment below.

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