Asus to Launch the Cheapest Android Smartwatch so Far?

Everybody is waiting for the iWatch to get released, now that Google itself has detailed more information about Android Wear. As expected, Samsung will release soon its own Android smartwatch, but one of the small surprises was the fact that credible sources said Asus will soon announce its own Android smartwatch.

According to a recent story from TechCrunch, Asus will indeed launch an Android Wear smartwatch, which could debut in September. It’s said to sport an AMOLED display, but its most important feature would be the affordable price.

The upcoming Android Wear-based smartwatch built by Asus will most likely come with a price between $99 and $149, which would definitely put a lot of pressure on LG and Motorola-made smartwatches, but also on the upcoming one from Samsung, as well.

According to people familiar with the matter, Asus didn’t want to “rush” their efforts, and this makes sense, if we take into account that LG also delayed the release of its smartwatch because of production hindrances related to the heart monitor.

The Taiwanese company was previously interested in building a smartwatch with gesture control, but it wanted it to sport perhaps another operating system, but it has accommodated the production after Google announced its own Android Wear operating system.

If Asus indeed launches its own smartwatch, then this shows that more OEMs are getting ready with their own devices, which shows that there’s indeed a market for wearable devices.

What about yourself, have you ever bought a smartwatch? And if not, are you looking to do so?

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