The Golf Club to get Released This July for Xbox One, PlayStation 4

PlayStation announced on their official blog that The Golf Club will be coming to PS4, as well as Xbox One and Steam later in July. Sony showed off the realistic golf simulation game on the expo floor at this year’s E3 convention earlier this summer.

The Golf Club generates new courses with its own logarithm each time you play. You can share these courses with your friends online, and play on some of their favorites courses that they have chosen to share as well. If you feel so inclined, the game also comes with a full course editor that allows you to create the course of your dreams. You can also share these custom designed fairways online, so everyone can check out your creative genius.

Upon shipment, the game will come with 20 official courses, along with an assortment of tours and tournaments. Each course can be slightly altered with the five built-in themes that change the atmosphere surrounding your game, but not the course itself. Subtle customization efforts like this allow the player to tailor the game to their personal aesthetic.

Online interaction with this game isn’t limited to sharing courses online. With a “ghost balls” trial mode, you can compete against your friends online to see who has the better shot on the green. You can compete in entire tours and tournaments any time of the day, without your opponents having to be online at the same time.

These can be anywhere from short challenges with your friends to full fledged seasons to prove which one of you is truly the best. Players can also enable Turn Order rules which lets you go through any multiplayer game at your own pace.

Thanks to the social aspect of these gaming networks, keeping up with your friends is as easy as ever. You can see where your friends are at any time during the game, and joining them is just a single button press away. Real-time updates warn you whenever someone is beating your score, so you can always stay one step ahead of them.

The game curates content to display on your dashboard based on your performance in the game. Live tiles for PlayStation 4 will show off featured courses, content your friends have discovered or created, and any other suggestions to make your gaming experience as personalized as possible.

The game is expected to drop later this quarter, reportedly in July. So, make sure you have your Xbox One and Play Station 4 ready for the big day!

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