Opera Mini 8 Coming to iOS This Summer, Will Help with Data Hogging

With Opera Mini, the goal is to help frequent web users from exceeding their data caps. As a mobile browser, it actively works to compress websites to almost 10% of their initial size before they reach your phone or tablet.

In an upcoming update for iOS devices, Opera Mini will fix its less than stellar user interface. Opera Mini 8, slated to hit the iOS App Store later this summer, plans to redesign itself in true iOS 7 fashion. In true minimalist fashion, Opera Mini 8 brings a sleek interface to this revolutionary mobile browser.

There are three main ways that you can browse the web when using Opera Mini. You can choose to view the pages as is, which does not compress them at all. With fully compressed, Opera Mini does its best to give you the fastest browsing experience possible. In its upcoming update, there is not a third turbo mode, which lies somewhere between the two.

When compressing these webpages, you do lose resolution within your images, all video players, and extra, unnecessary content. With the turbo mode, you have better quality with your images, while keeping videos and other active elements available.

If you choose not to compress your pages, it runs basically like any other mobile browser on the market. With the new command center feature, you can choose between the compression types with ease.

There is a statistics section to show you how much data you’re saving with Opera Mini. From here, you can also manage specific settings such as cookies, browser history, etc. Other features include a virtual joystick that lets you navigate with ease throughout search and URL bars. It also comes Discover, a built-in news feed that provides you with business, entertainment, and sports news, amongst other varieties.

Opera Mini is available for free on iOS and Android. There is no word on when we may see this update reaching the Google Play store.

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