Soundhawk Smart Hearing Device now Available for $279

It is official! Soundhawk, the developers of a tunable smart hearing device, have raised over $5.5 million additional dollars to add to its budget. With such a gratuitous amount of extra funding, Soundhawk has announced that they are ready to take orders for their device.

Dr. Rodney Perkins, the founder of the California Ear Institute at Stanford University is also the founder of Soundhawk. He is no stranger to large business ventures, with his last company, Cytyc, selling for over $6 billion dollars.

Their current product looks and acts much like a Bluetooth headpiece. An extended microphone is for use in particularly noisy situations. The product also comes with a charging case for when its batteries run low.

This device acts as a tunable listening enhancer that can also act as a Bluetooth device with a smartphone. It’s perfect for making phone calls, listening to GPS navigations, or using Siri to find movie times.

Despite many misconceptions, this device is not a hearing aid, and it does not help those with serious hearing impairments. Rather, it is intended to enhance the sound for users who have trouble listening to direct conversations or lectures.

You can order the device from Soundhawk directly for $279. This is much more than a typical Bluetooth headset, but of course, much cheaper than expensive hearing aid systems. When the device hits the shelves of retail, it will start at a list price of $299.

This device is intended to be used in most of your daily activities. Whether you’re driving, watching television, or sitting in a lecture, this hands-free device is perfect. While these devices are far from unnoticeable, much like Bluetooth headsets, most people don’t even notice them.

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