Box iOS App Updated with Note-Taking for iPhone, iPad Users

Only a month after the Notes function launched for Box, its finally making its way onto iOS devices. Cris Yeh, the Senior Vice President of Product and Platform, says that Box is perfect for companies who are desperate to collaborate amongst themselves.

Microsoft Office is great for long-term projects and things that require a certain amount of formality, but Box is great for informal collaboration. Box’s initial purpose was to allow users to manage files that they have stored in the cloud.

With the new note taking feature, users can also record notes simultaneously while working, and can access these from multiple locations as well. Although competitors like Google Apps and Evernote already had note-taking features, with this addition to Box, they will be a stronger competitor.

Developers created Box last September as an application for desktops only. After the successes it saw as a cloud collaboration platform, they decided to expand it out to mobile devices.

Many business workers need mobile applications like Box to work and complete business transactions on the go. Not only is the cloud storage great for businesses, but also for personal use.

Regarding the new notes feature, Box’s Vice President of Mobile Product, David Still said it best. “At its core, Box Notes is about making it easy to work with others.” In a world where your work ethic relies on technological efficiency, Box Notes could not have come at a better time.

“[Box] promotes the sharing of information and collaboration. The notes you create live alongside the presentations, spreadsheets, images and other documents you already store in Box. You have one centralized location to manage your projects, teams or accounts. “

As of now, the mobile application is only available for iOS devices. An Android version is expected for a release later in 2014. Box plans to open its initial public offering later in this summer.

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