Google Glass for Sale in UK, but Can you Afford it?

Google Glass is an amazing gadget and it will rock your world once you try it at least once. As art of Google’s Explorer Programme, any UK resident over the age of 18 can now purchase Google Glass online through the Play Store.

However, don’t forget that the gadget is still in the prototype phase, so even if it costs a great deal of money, it’s not yet the final product, actually. Even in the US, where the gadget has been released in 2012, sales have been ongoing on a limited invite-only basis and with occasional one-day sales, as well.

Residents of the United Kingdom looking to buy the innovative gadget will have to sell out a nice £1,000 (the equivalent of $1,700) to get it. They could thus join the claimed number of 300, 000 owners. Marketing Director of Google Glass Ed Sanders said the following about the UK launch:

“One of the reasons we’re here in the UK is the country’s spirit of innovation. The consumers, developers and inventors in the UK have a very rich heritage of embracing new technology.”

He added:

“Glass is not a finished product yet and part of the spirit of the explorer programme is so that we can work closely with developers and consumers in the UK at a local level to find out what will take the product forward.”

Despite the growing enthusiasm surrounding the Google Glass, technology journalist Chris Merriman thinks the Google Glass won’t enjoy the same success in the UK as it did in the US.

“There are problems with Google Glass in the UK. Number one is the great British reserve. We’re people that don’t talk to each other on the tube so I can’t imagine people saying out loud ‘ok glass take a picture’ and not feeling nervous or embarrassed.”

“I think we could probably get used to seeing them and using them but as British, it will take an appropriate amount of time.”

Recently, new applications have been released for Google Glass owners, such as astronomy app Star Chart and fitness game Zombies Run.

You purchase the generic frame in one of five colors or choose one of the prescription Titanium collection for £175 extra.

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