DDR4 Memory Already RELEASED and Up for Sale, but not Worldwide

According to a recent report from a Japanese website, at least one store in Japan has already began to offer DDR4 memory sticks, which should point to an imminent release in other countries around the world, as well.

However, the first systems that will need DDR4 memory modules will get launched on the market only in several months, which makes the price of the memory modules be very high. Japan is the first country where DDR4 has went up for sale but it’s available for quite the price.

According to Akiba PC Hotline, one store in the famous Akihabara shopping district has already started selling 8GB 288-pin PC4-17066 DDR4 unbuffered memory modules rated to run at 2133MHz with CL15 15-15-50 (CL tRDC-tRP-tRC) timings and 1.2V operating voltage. And here’s another picture to prove it.
ddr4 release date
The DDR 4 modules are based on chips made by SK Hynix and were assembled by SanMax Technologies. Ok, and now back to the prices:

  • Two 8GB DDR4 memory modules cost ¥35980, which means $353 for those of you in the United States; £207 for users from the United Kingdom and €260 for Europeans
  • Four DDR4 memory sticks will cost ¥69980, or $647 for US, £380 for UK and €505 for Europe

Obviously, once DDR4 gets launched in more countries across the world, its price will gradually go down. Intel’s X99 platform code-named Wellsburg will support Intel Core i7 “Haswell-E” 5000-series high-end desktop processors with up to eight cores and the new DDR4 memory.

The new microprocessors and the X99 chipset will get an official release in the middle of September this year, but if DDR4 memory sticks will remain just as expensive as in Japan, it might take a while until they reach mass adoption.

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