Facebook’s Slingshot Android App gets Mixed User Reactions

A few days ago, Facebook has unveiled its new Slingshot Android app which aims to take on the popular photo messaging application Snapchat. Recently launched, the app has already had its share of reactions from Android users and we go through some of the most interesting ones.

User Joel Schwartz explains why he’s disappointed in the app’s performance:

“Having to send a picture before you can view a picture makes it impossible to reply to your friends. Sure you can do instant reactions while viewing a photo but you still have to send something before that to open a photo. So you have no clue what’s it’s gonna be about and the pic you send could be way off topic. Then you just have two conversations going on with the same person. It’s just a mess. Instead of having to send a photo to open a photo you should be forced to reply to a photo b4 sending another”

But there are also users who are contempt with how Facebook’s fresh Slingshot app behaves. Jackson Do shares his input:

“I love everything about this app! So much more fun and UI-savy compared to SnapChat. I do experience some bugs and camera glitches here and there. But of course, it’s a new app.”

At the moment, the app has an overall rating of 3.5 from almost 1000 reviewers. But since this is the initial release, Facebook has all the time in the world it needs to make things right. By using Slingshot, you can capture photos and videos of moments and share them with your friends. Go ahead and give it a try to see if it’s worth it.

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