Nvidia Shield 2 to Be Slimmer, Lighter, FCC Filing Suggests

The Nvidia Shield is an amazing portable gaming console that is quickly turning to be a big rival to PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 3DS and other gaming devices from this range. That’s current owners of the Nvidia Shield are looking forward to the release date of the second generation, but also all fans of Nvidia.

According to a recent FCC filing, the Nvidia Shield 2 has all the chances of sporting a more elegant profile, reports Engadget. The filing details a Shield-shaped game controller which is referred to as the “P2570.” This might seem just an internal codename with no significance at all, but it could point to a hardware refresh, if we take into consideration that the existing Android gaming console bears the “P2450” number.

Have a look at the sketch from below which compares the original Nvidia Shield with the P2570 version:

nvidia shield 2 release date

The one on the left is the original Nvidia Shield and we can see that the alleged Shield 2 seems to sport a slimmer profile. Proof to that are the bumper buttons which seem to have been lengthened slightly. Also, the sketch reveals that manufacturing joints and screws have moved to different positions, and we can see that the Nvidia logo on the back is now bigger.

And it makes sense for the Nvidia Shield 2 to be slimmer and lighter, since the original Nvidia Shiled weighs a good 580-gram (1.27-pound), which is something that you feel right away in your hand, especially after playing for a few hours.

The filing, however, doesn’t contain any other interesting details that could shed some light on its potential specs and features. However, it’s expected for the Nvidia Shield 2 to sport a Tegra K1 chip with enhanced graphics, Unreal Engine 4 and an improved LCD display.

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