ASUS to Release Home Care Robots in 2015

During ASUS’ annual shareholders meeting which took place this week in Taipei, CEO Jonney Shih shared his interesting input with regards to the future of the company that he’s leading. According to ASUS’ Chairman, the company will diversificated from its PC hardware and components foundation and will move into robots, but not only those that you have in mind right now.

The CEO also cared to mention that mobile devices sales will actually surpass its PC component business in revenue by 2017, which is not that far away. However, what exactly Shih means by mobile devices hasn’t been mentioned, because tablets could go into that category, as well.

ASUS has been one of the companies which has supported Microsoft in its Windows 8 initiative and has launched a good number of tablets and hybrids. The company has also started taking interest in the smartphone are, as well, but now it seems that it is looking even beyond that – to robotics. ASUS has already built a Roomba-like smart vacuum cleaner but according to Shih, ASUS is betting on a much bigger technology which would involve advanced AI devices.  Shih said:

“Someday in the future, devices themselves will have intelligence and be able to cooperate with people to offer better services in various occasions”.

Of course, this is a visionary statement and one that shareholders always want to hear, but Jonathan Tzeng, Vice Chairman of ASUS, shared more realistic details about ASUS’ foray into, saying that the company is targeting the smart home market:

“Smart home will be an important roadmap of Asus, and cloud, robot are two development strategies”.

ASUS is looking into building robots that will be useful for seniors and children, and they will be capable of speech. According to ASUS, the first home care robot will be unveiled in 2015, but just as before, chances are they will be very expensive. If the company manages to release them at an “affordable” price, then it might constitute the start of another market of the consumer technology.

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