Tt eSports’ POSEIDON ZX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Official for $75

Mechanical keyboards are awesome, no matter what you’re using them for – writing, work or, yes, GAMING! Some of them might make a little more noise than the rest, but the feedback you get while playing or typing just keeps you glued to your keyboard.

Now, Tt eSPORTS, one of the leading companies in gaming peripherals is releasing the new POSEIDON ZX tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard. With this new mechanical gaming keyboard, the number pad area found in a standard full sized keyboard has been ditched in order reduce the length to 80% of a regular one. The keyboard also features Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches. Here are some more details from Tt eSports’ press release:

The POSEIDON ZX will come in Tt certified blue switches, with full LED backlighting, N-Key rollover via USB, dedicated key to disable windows key, accessible media keys, and adjustable brightness. It is fully plug-and-play, requiring no drivers and software. The tenkeyless form factor is especially useful for gamers who could benefit from the extra space for mouse usage, in both gaming setups and LAN environments. It’s also easier to transport due to weight and size when compared to a full sized keyboard.

Tt eSPORTS said it has spent two years developing its mechanical switches, working engineers and professional gamers along, in order to find the most efficient one. POSEIDON Z Illuminated was the fruit of that effort, coming with mechanical blue & brown switch options. The POSEIDON ZX follows on that know-how and gets released with an even better price tag – only $74.99.

What’s really awesome is that the POSEIDON ZX is actually the world’s first mechanical gaming keyboard that gets a 5 year warranty. The POSEIDON ZX mechanical gaming keyboard from Tt eSPORTS will go on sale in the USA, Taiwan, and China this July and will get released in other countries shortly after, as well.

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