Specs of the Upcoming GODZILLA Galaxy Note 4 Revealed

I am not a big fan of phablet devices and I find it hard to use smartphones with a size of 5 inch or bigger. But that’s just me, as there are many current Galaxy Note 3 users, which comes with a size of 5.7 inch, who are looking forward to make the jump to another Godzillian-sized smartphone, the fourth generation of the Galaxy Note line of products.

Potential specs of the 4th-gen Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be unveiled at IFA 2014 later this year (where we will be to provide an awesome coverage), but it has already been spotted online in benchmark test results, which shows that the smartphone is ready, or at least a working prototype.

According to AnTuTu’s benchmark database, there are actually going to be two versions of the Galaxy Note 4, referred to as SM-N910C and SM-N910S. Most likely this shows that there will be an Exynos and a Qualcomm version of Samsung’s tablet, just like the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to carry a 1.3GHz eight-core Samsung Exynos 5433 processor with four Cortex A57 and four Cortex-A53 cores, along with ARM Mali-T760 GPU SoC, and also a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with an Adreno 420GPU SoC.

The Galaxy Note 4 could have a high-resolution 2K display (2560 x 1440 resolution), 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 16-megapixel camera and 3.68-megapixel front-facing one. 16 megapixel sounds cool, but only if the sensor is accompanied by a good aperture, as well. I don’t think I recall for a 3.68-megapixel front camera in another smartphone.

Some more far-fetched rumors were suggesting that there could actually be a flexible version of the Note 4, but this is something we’d rather expect to come from LG, not Samsung.

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