The New $1,099 iMac is Kind of Cheap, but YOU CAN’T Upgrade its RAM

All Apple fans went crazy when Apple announced a 2014 update for its iMac line which discounted the iMac by $200, making it available for “just” $1,099. But don’t hurry up and place that order, as there are some things that you might be missing out. According to Mac reseller Other World Computing, the 8GB of RAM the machine comes with is not upgradeable, says TechSpot.

Apple makes the iMac cheaper but you are stuck with that RAM forever

Sure, we’re talking about Apple here, a company that is known for making its profits from high margins on its products that sometimes are just incremental updates over the previous version. And 8GB of RAM seems like a lot of horsepower, but this is the second drawback after the much slower processor. The RAM is soldered to the machine, which means removing of replacing it is impossible. We wonder what the guys over at iFixit will have to say about this…

Also, don’t forget that it comes with a low-power dual core i5 processor, instead of a standard quad-core desktop CPU and a low-performance Intel graphics chip which is a serious downgrade from the previous Iris Pro Graphics for many users.

However, you can upgrade the hard drive up to a 256GB flash drive, of course, if you are ready to shell out an additional $250. Still, even with only 8GB of RAM, it remains a decent option, if we compare it to other iMacs from line-up.

Personally, I think that “cheap” is compared to the rest of Apple’s products, and it’s not a cheap product per se. You pay for its awesome design and the name that Apple has built for years, but if you are not keen on the design, I guess you could build an awesome desktop device with that money, if you know how to build it yourself.

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