AT&T and Verizon, WATCH OUT, Google Buys a 5G Startup for Faster Internet

Google is an amazing company and one that has evolved from a search engine to a company that has created the world’s most used mobile operating system and which wants to bring the true revolution with self-driving cars. But the giant company is expanding to even more fields, according to a recent report from GeekWire, such as 5G technologies.

Google has allegedly bought the Alpental startup in order to help them deploy even faster Internet speeds. John Cook from the publication shares some important details:

All we’ve heard is that the Alpental team was developing technologies related to 5G, the next generation wireless network, and that former Atheros Communications CEO Craig Barratt, now a senior vice president at Google, led the acquisition. The technologies could have applications in connecting fiber to the home, and Barratt is working on Google’s municipal wi-fi offerings.

Of course, the most immediate explanation for the acquisition would be for Google to get the needed know-how and manpower to help them with the expansion and development of their Google Fiber service, but could there be more to it? Google is one of those companies that think well ahead their competitors and they manage to “predict the future”, if we can say so.

Therefore, we wonder whether it could be possible for Google to become a wireless service provider? Sure, the 4G technology is yet to reach its maturity, but Google could now be planning the development of 5G networks which it will use to deliver the next generation of broadband internet. Google Fiber isn’t just a side project, it’s the beginning of a big plan for Page and his team.

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