Online PC hardware retailer Newegg coming to India

California-based online retailer Newegg which is popularly known for PC hardware and peripherals will be expanding its business to six new countries. Newegg’s CMO, Soren Mills revealed at Computex 2014 in Taipei that the six countries include India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore.

Newegg is known for selling hardware components and peripherals for PCs as well as other hardware and aggressive pricing. Some of the most sold and popular products on this e-commerce platform include portable gaming laptops, PCs and their components.

The retailer is already well established in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and China. The company had started its operations in Malaysia, but things did not work out for them and they had to shut operations in December last year.

E-commerce is booming in India, and with tis constant rise it would be really interesting to see Newegg’s strategy for the market. Newegg will initially ship orders from the US, and then depending on the local demand, it will set up a physical base.

It remains to be seen how this strategy works out for them, considering the price conscious consumers of India and competitors like Amazon India and Flipkart who also believe in aggressive pricing.

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