Intel announces its quad-core Devil’s Canyon 4GHz processor at Computex 2014

Intel recently announced its new 4th generation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors which are codenamed Devil’s Canyon. These were unveiled are their Computex 2014 press event.

These are extremely powerful processor and the first form the company as they deliver four cores at up to 4 GHz base frequency. The Devil’s Canyon desktop processors have been named as the Intel Core i7 4790K, and it will replace the Intel Core i7 4770K, to be the flagship Haswell chip in the market. The other processor has been named as the Intel Core i5 4690K.

In terms of the specifications, both the Intel Core i7 4790K and the Intel Core i5 4690K chipsets are based on the company’s 22nm Haswell architecture.

The Core i7 4790K comes with a quad-core 8-thread processor clocked at 4GHz, while the Core i5 4690K comes with a quad-core 4-thread processor clocked at 3.5GHz.

The Intel Core i7 4790K will be priced at $339 which is about Rs 20,000 while the Intel Core i5 4690K will be priced at $242 which is about Rs 14,300.

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