Google all prepared to launch Android TV platform and Google I/O 2014

We all know about the new Android TV platform which has been in the rumor mills for a while now. AS we get closer to Google I/O some more information has surfaced and Google seems to be ready to launch its new entrant in the home entertainment space.

A new report by Gigaom suggests that Google is planning to unveil Android TV at Google I/O developer conference later in June. Most of its features are still unknown but soon we might get more information on the same.

The new about Google’s plan on the new Android TV were first reported by The Verge. And according to Greenbot, Gigaom’s report provides three new parts of key information regarding this product. Firstly, Google’s interest in an interface which is codenamed Pano, which puts content first.


The second part being the interest Google has in the gaming space, and the third key information being that Android TV is a platform and not hardware from the company.

This means that vendors will be able to build their own devices which will run this new version of Android TV, this could be guilt into TVs, set-top boxes, and other similar devices. Also developers will likely be able to create unique applications specific to the platform.

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