Google to offer 3D Maps for Goa

Goa may soon be one of the first Indian states to have a 3D digitized mapped presence online. This is if the state government accepts Google’s proposal, the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry said on Monday.

This would be a really great addition as Goa is already a world popular tourist location and has people from different walks on life coming together and celebrating it. To have a 3D map to go around the territory would be a great help for many travelers.

R.S. Kamat, director general of the state’s top trade body said in a statement that at a meeting with Chief Minister Manihar Parrikar help on Monday, Google India’s managing director Rajan Anandan also proposed to sponsor 1,000 start-up business in the state.

Anandan has offered to undertake complete digitization of the state so that the whole of Goa shows up on a 3D digital map, making it more tourist friendly. Goa would be the first state in the world to do this.

“Google’s 3D technology can help goan enterprises go online and get globally connected through the Google network”, Kamat said. He also added that Parrikar has promised to appoint a nodal officer to take up further discussions with Google.

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