Apple iOS 8 unveiled at WWDC 2014

At WWDC 2014, along with the announcement of the latest version of OS X, Apple has also announced the latest version of its popular mobile operating system. It is the highly anticipated Apple iOS 8 which packs a bunch of new features.

Apple iOS 8 includes a new notifications feature which allows users to easily access messages and it also brings the new Safari layout to the iPad, this is the same layout which was already available on the iPhone with iOS 7.

Further it includes the ability to swipe and delete or flag email messages on your iPad and lets you hide a message with a quick swipe down, this saves them as a draft. One can then return to it with a tap on the bottom of the screen. Users can also sort messages directly from the home screen.

The new notifications system unveiled by Apple also applies to third party applications. One can easily access favorite contacts with this new update, by simply double tapping on the home button, while the same function will also still show running applications.

Spotlight has also been updated and Apple has introduced a new keyboard feature called Quick Type which provides easy access to special characters.

There are palette of new improvements introduced with the new iOS 8 and we will run over through all the key ones in a separate post.

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