Apple announces OS X Yosemite, here are the features which matter the most

At the WWDC 2014 event, Apple officially announced its latest version of OS X, which is it calls Yosemite. It is named after the famous Yosemite National Park in California and introduces a major redesign to OS X with its new translucent interface and a bunch of new features.

The platform now also is a step closer to iOS and while it has a range of new features, here are some of the key new features in OS X Yosemite.

New Dock and Translucent Menus

Design has always been a key elements in Apple’s success, the new changes here are useful and feature a modern look with clean and flat design.

OS X Yosemite introduces a new dock which now features icons on a simple translucent background replacing to old shelf look. Apple has used a lot of translucent elements throughout the new user interface, making it a simple and easy to use. These translucent elements also help the users easily know the content and apps hidden behind the current window.

iCloud Drive located within the Finder

Third party cloud storage service to store data are no longer required as Apple also introduced its new iCloud Drive to OS X Yosemite, this is one of the new major features introduced at WWDC 2014. It is a new cloud storage service from Apple which can be used on OS X, iOS, Windows and the Web.

This service will also be located with the Finder, enabling users to view, review, edit as well as tag a file right from the Finder, just like with any other files. Documents stored on this cloud can be synced across Mac and iOS devices.

OS X Yosemite Mac

New Safari with Streamlined Design

The web browser Safari has got a major user interface redesign as it now features iOS like interface and buttons. The search bar can be used to look up almost anything within the system or online. It also has a new share button which is taken from the iOS 7 browser design. It now comes with Private Browsing mode, the Javascript engine has been improved and overall the browser is expected to perform a lot faster than its competitors.


Apple has introduced a new feature called Handoff which makes it a lot easier for users to access the same project across multiple Apple devices. It allows users to work on the same application across multiple Apple devices including Mac and iOS. One cans imply start writing an email on their iPhone and continue writing it on the Mac if they want. The Airdrop service from Apple will now work between OS X and iOS.

Mail with Markup Editing

The Mail app on OS X now comes with a new Markup feature which allows the user to doodle or scribble over any photo or document without damaging the original file. Users can draw something on a photo, edit a note onto a PDF file, or add any remark on some document. It also easily identifies the drawing and can polish them to look neat and clean.

Call and Message Synchronization between iPhone and Mac

This is one of the most amazing features introduced with OS X Yosemite. It allows users to simply make or receive calls from their Mac when it is connected to their iPhone. The Mac will act as a caller ID to identify the person calling in the user’s iPhone. This feature will work even if the user’s iPhone is not close to the Mac they are working on and it uses the Mac speaker or a headset (if connected) to converse on the call.

OS X Yosemite Calls

Instant Hotspot

Apple has further simplified the process of creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your iPhone with the use of your Mac. If you are working on your Mac and there is now Wi-Fi network available, a simple click of a button will turn on the hotspot feature on your iPhone and you Mac will automatically connect to that network.

These are some of the key new features introduced with the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite update, if we did miss out on something important or you think there is some cool feature we did not talk about do leave it in the comments below.

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