10.5-Inch iPad Pro Review – Positive Feelings So Far

Just one week after the introduction of the new 10.5-inches version of the iPad Pro, which happened at the WWDC keynote speech held in San Jose, CA, there are already plenty reviews going around. From what we already know, the 10.5-inches version comes as a replacement for the 9.7-inches one.

Briefly, it offers 40% smaller bezels, which means a larger display, paired with a special ProMotion technology. The refresh rates are up to 120 Hz, while the back camera is a 12 MP one, complete with optical image stabilization and other features.

Positive Reviews

TechCrunch has published a review that argues how impressive the 10.5-inches version of the iPad Pro is. However, they draw on the fact that most of this impressiveness relies on the fact that the new product runs on the iOS 11. This means that there are lots of updates specific to the iPad.

The catch here is the fact that the new software will not be released until next fall, which is after the arrival of the iPad Pro this week. However, according to TechCrunch, it is still an impressive device even without the iOS 11.

Another review circulating online is the one made by Ars Technica. They mentioned that what they love most about the device is the fact that it has a sharp screen and a high refresh rate. It is indeed important, if you think about the fact that before, the refresh rate was a mere 60 Hz. Moreover, they said that the screen is the best Apple ever made, and they hope for the ProMotion technology to be used for iPhone and Mac too at some point.

The Verge also praised the fact that they enjoyed 8-9 hours of battery life with the new device. Moreover, according to TechCrunch, it may even replace a computer with all the specs it has.

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