Zodiapp, pocket size astrology that promises a journey of self discovery

As mobile apps have grown in popularity over the years, more and more universes collide with that of mobile technology. Many things that would have required you to do something or go somewhere can now be done with the help of a small app on your phone. This also goes for astrology and enthusiasts that follow astrology and astrologers. Now, it’s possible to have the full experience laid out in front of you with just a couple of taps. This is where Zodiapp comes in. It is a mobile app that specializes in astrology and brings features related to astrology to those that can’t keep up with publications or can’t set appointments with astrologers.

Professional assistance

Zodiapp features daily horoscopes as you would imagine, but unlike those you might find in a magazine, these are written by Georgia Nichols. She is considered one of astrology’s world renowned practitioners and she is popular in the astrology community. The app doesn’t just cover horoscopes but also weekly journeys. The goal of these is to enlighten you as to topics like joy and friendship. The app proclaims that it will pretty much take you on a journey that will help you discover (or re-discover) who you are.

More doses of astrology, different bottles

Zodiapp sets out to be more interactive than your typical horoscope in the sense that there are other things built around the horoscope. The previously mentioned weekly journeys for example, but also games and social features round up the app and make it more of a hub for astrology enthusiasts rather than just a private, closed-circuit astrology experience.

Fun animations

The app really worked on its animations, so users will experience some pretty nicely executed animations throughout the Zodiapp experience. The app also features a match-3 type game which brings a fun element to its ecosystem. This could be a good way to blow some steam or to kill time in waiting lobbies for example, while still being in that astrology mindset.

Astrology clubs

The app also wants you to form your own smaller community within its overall community by starting clubs for astrology enthusiasts. Here, you can interact with other people that have the same beliefs and aspirations as you and maybe even work together towards achieving those common goals.

Overall, the app brings forth enough diversity in its features to stimulate even picky users, and expands on the main concept of astrology thus branching out and reaching a wider audience. The app is only available on iOS however, meaning that Android and Astrology don’t really mix and match in this case. While Android users are unable to formulate an opinion, it would seem that users on Apple’s iOS platform are enjoying the new astrology experience brought directly to their phones.

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