WhatsApp is Working on NFC Tags and QR Codes for Group Invites

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WhatsApp has established itself as a safe and efficient messaging system on the market and to keep up with the quality standards it keeps on releasing various features. One of the latest features that WhatsApp will presumably add for mobile messaging will be QR code, NFC tags and links for facilitating group conversations.

At the moment, it’s possible to add a friend to a WhatsApp group conversation by sending them a message on WhatsApp or by sending a message on Facebook, Twitter or mail to join WhatsApp for free. Obviously, they cannot join the WhatsApp conversation if they don’t have a WhatsApp account.

But this new version that’s being developed will allow users to enter group chats by clicking on a link. Apart from that, WhatsApp will also be adding QR codes and NFC tags. Supposedly, users will have their own scan-able QR code to send to their friends.

NFC tags (which refer to near-field communication) store info that can be then transmitted to other devices that have NFC. They are usually used in mobile payments. The NFC tags can sometimes be customized stickers.

Basically, the improvement is that you won’t have to manually search for your friends in order to add them to a group conversation and it might help business owners to add people to an online meeting or just to have clients add them in a conversation without having to exchange phone numbers.

Although it would be awesome for WhatsApp to have those features, we all know that many features found in a beta don’t make it to the final build.

Currently, WhatsApp is rumored to be working on a video calling option that will include voicemail. This rumor started as a result of a few leaked screenshots of the app’s video calling feature.

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