WhatsApp for Windows and Mac Desktops Coming Soon

WhatsApp MAC

We all know that WhatsApp was primarily designed for mobile devices, and it would be very hard to imagine it as an app for desktop. Well that would be hard for us, but not too hard for Facebook apparently who has already released a WhatsApp version for the web – which made it possible for people to talk to their friends and family or whatever other contacts they had on WhatsApp from their home PC – and who may be making plans for a desktop version.

But a web app is one thing and a desktop app a completely different thing, the latter being significantly more convenient for the user and WhatsApp may be coming to us in that desktop app for pretty soon, at least according to some leaked photos.

Recently, a few screenshots have been posted on Twitter which suggest that a WhatsApp desktop app in in the works as we speak. The shots present future WhatsApp updates, builds and even some button that users have linked to desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

However, there is no way to confirm any of this, not even if the photos are real or not, but it’s plausible at this point to believe that a WhatsApp desktop app is coming soon as there already is a web version of it. Another possibility is that WhatsApp developers are just testing to see how people might respond to the idea of this app, and that it might not be made at all.

Right now, WhatsApp users are more interested in what’s next for the mobile version of the messaging service and they are eagerly waiting for a rumored call back voice mail feature that would enable callers to respond to a call by recording their answer, listening to it to see if everything is all right and then send it to the respective contact.

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