The war between Google’s Pixel phones, Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone plus

Most of the smartphone manufacturers stick to a simple schedule where you can easily predict when new update models will appear next. Apple launched its smartphones pretty much every year in September. Google, on the other hand, just likes to play with our feelings, making it difficult to realize when new devices or updates will be released, by throwing launches all over the calendar.

Google has ditched the Nexus brand over the new Pixel brand which was launched early in October and it’s making his appearance as the new Apple’s iPhone competitor who launched the month before. It’s unusual for Apple to have a new competitor in such a short time. We just hope that Google sticks to a regular schedule from now on.

iPhone 7

It was launched in September 2016 with not so many changes, the reason is probably to keep all the good stuff for 2017. But it does have some new interesting things added, like a better processor, camera set-up and the most exciting, waterproofing!

Rumors about 2017

There will be some changes regarding the iPhone’s style. It’s said to be the FIRST OLED display iPhone ever! The style shell will be made from either curved glass or clear Zirconia ceramic and the Touch ID Home key will be hidden under the display glass. How amazing is that?

How amazing is that? By Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone has never received so much attention on the market since its iPhone 7 release in September. But things are not the same now. Google’s Nexus line is soon to be forgotten and replaced by the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones with Android Nougat.


Both declare to have the best cameras.
Both declare to be the smartest smartphones ever built.
Both have conservative designs.
Both will definitely receive updates when they’re ready.
And, of course, they are both quite expensive.
It is indeed, a very difficult choice to make when it comes to buying one of these two devices. However, the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is otherworldly, an excellent choice for those who are in love with photography.


Well, when it comes to beauty, every opinion is entirely subjective. Both designs are simple, clean and tidy and attract the eye. Apple’s elegance is outstanding, being thinner and a little bit lightweight, with a familiar overall aesthetic with the metal surround and black panel.Google’s

Google’s style, however, strive for an industrial appearance with the brushed metal look and glass back panel design with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner incorporated on the back of the device, while Apple’s is incorporated in the Home key. In this area, Google could have done better!

While Google’s Pixel only offers IP53 splash proofing to protect your device, Apple offers for the first time on an iPhone, full IP67 water and dust resistance.

The final battle: Battery life

The iPhone 7’s battery life doesn’t compare to its larger Plus model sibling. The same thing goes for The Pixel and Pixel XL. But how does Pixel compare to the iPhone 7? Well, Pixel has around 20% more longevity in the battery department than Apple’s device, especially with heavy use.

Based on these facts, it’s up to any of you to form an opinion and choose what you think suits you better!

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