The pros and cons of streaming movies and TV shows

As services like Netflix or Hulu are gaining more and more popularity, many are faced with a terrible dilemma: Should they buy their movies in physical format or buy them digitally? What about streaming video content? It can get quite confusing with all the options laid in front of you. Luckily, we are here to provide a list of pros and cons that will help you choose between streaming video and buying the physical copy. There are some hard truths that no one can argue with but then there are also some highly relative aspects based on personal preference. That being said, let’s start and see what video streaming can do for you.

The pros of streaming video

You get to watch videos instantly with no download or delivery time involved. Just hit the “play” button and start watching your favorite show or the movie you’ve just purchased online.

Streaming video is everywhere nowadays and it’s a lot easier to hop on a service like ShowBox than to go through 4 different stores until you find the Blu-Ray version of the movie you want.

Video streaming services offer Ultra HD 4k Blu-Ray, which normal Blu-Ray discs don’t offer and what this means is that you can get the absolute best image quality from digital streaming.

You can get away with buying content a lot cheaper thanks to the various offers and discounts as well as the fact that you can opt for a subscription which gives you access to tons of content.

You get to take your video content anywhere you go without having to drag heavy machines or even plastic boxes with you, because you can access your online account and watch what you want from any gadgets hooked up to the internet.

The cons of streaming video

If you are a movie collector and like to have all your movies displayed in their boxes, video streaming won’t provide that for you.

If the internet connection goes down, you can’t access video content whereas physical copies of movies will always be playable.

If you have a poor internet connection you won’t be able to enjoy your shows and movies at a good image quality setting and won’t get what you paid for in full.

These are some of the pros and cons that you must think about before making a decision. While it’s not perfect, however, video streaming undoubtedly has some really good arguments to its case. Even so, there are still people who might prefer the traditional, physical approach because it’s just a bit more personal when you have the movie box on display and you can take it out and watch it anytime you want.

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