The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge now comes to India.

We are very sure that you guys would have already heard about Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Edge which is made especially for SMBs. We got to play with it before it gets to India and it is quite an amazing deal. There are a lot of new features which Lenovo have added into the machine and it has a got a lot better.

Firstly, it looks completely fresh and pleasant for the eyes. Next, it has a got a new spill resistant keyboard with properly spaced out keys. The notebook has also survived 8 military standard tests which means that it will still have Lenovo’s traditional rugged experience. What’s more is that it is highly portable and light weight.

What I was really impressed at was the software features which Lenovo now offers with their notebooks. Most of you might already know it but for those who don’t I am talking about the ThinkVanatage Access Connection. It’s a free software from Lenovo which allows users to create and manage location profiles which are used to easily connect to the appropriate network in the appropriate zone. This can be really useful for guys who keep shifting to different locations for personal or business reasons. For more on the ThinkVantage Access Connections visit Lenovo’s website.

I have a personal experience with Lenovo’s old ThinkPad which my father had got from his company. I had used it a few times and I was not really very attracted to it. It looked really simple and what it lacked is the new modern feel. However, the new Lenovo ThinkPad is not the same thing, it is much improved, better designed and high on features. Overall, let say that Lenovo’s innovation has done its magic and along with that Lenovo has finally asked their designers to do some work.

The ThinkPad Edge comes in three sizes first one being the 13-inch which has an option for AMD as well as Intel. While the other two being a 14-inch and a 15-inch model which will be powered by Intel’s Core i3 and Core i5 processors. The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series is already available in the India market, shipped with Windows 7 Starter edition, starts at Rs. 34,000/- and is a very smart investment for SMBs. If your business needs a new makeover moving to the ThinkPad Edge is a great option.

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