The Disappointing Release Of MacBook Pro

The release of the new MacBook Pro is believed to offer a new generation of the Intel processor under the name of Kaby Lake, powerful memory speed and performance in the SSD storage department. This device might give us an additional 32GB RAM, unlike the older 16 GB RAM version.

This is not very impressing considering the fact that these are not that kind of updates we have not already heard of. Another reason for this release which makes it disappointing would be the short time between this and the last MacBook update.

Apple decided to upgrade the MacBook, MacBook Pro and the Air version at the end of 2016, but in the following eighteen months, MacBook Pro has not received any updates.
However, the smart choice for using Kaby Lake as a new Intel processor is going to offer the MacBook’s users the best experience they have ever had.

Surface Pro Is Getting In The Way of MacBook’s Success?

But there are bad parts, too. The rumors stated that more people are choosing Surface Pro over the MacBook. Surface Pro offered us the best, exciting and innovative features and updates so far, while the MacBook Pro is making its users regret their decision. More and more reviews are coming out every day, recommending the Microsoft’s Surface Pro over the Apple’s device.

After launching the new MacBook Pro, Microsoft offered the MacBook Pro and Air users about $650 credit for the acquisition of one of the Microsoft’s devices, such as Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Microsoft recently released the Studio version which brought some positive reviews along with it.

The Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,499, the exactly same price as the Surface Book. For the model which includes an equipped Touch Bar, the price is $1,799 for the 13 inch version and $2,399 for the 15 inch one.

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