Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7 – Choose The Most Powerful One

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7

In the recent years, Apple has had no problem surpassing its main competitor, Samsung, mainly since the sales of the latter haven’t been really sky-high. However, as it seems, 2016 will change the things. Samsung is getting back in shape and the S7 series seems to top the sales, the performances and the profits.

Up until now, the S7 and the S7 edge were received with huge enthusiasm by users, and as proof to this, we can see lots of pre-orders done by thousands of people. Between the two, it seems that people prefer much more the S7 edge than the simple version.

On the other hand, Apple is starting to see a downfall in their market shares and sales, thing that hasn’t happened in the recent period at all. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, declared that even with the latest downfalls, Apple is still on the top with their raw profit and sales figures. In other words, even if it’s a recorded fall, it’s still a win if we compare it to the performances of other companies.

The sad part is that there are rumors and predictions that Apple will still continue to fall.

Many specialists and researchers have been giving their reports on the future iPhone 7, and the things don’t look too bright. Ming-chi Kuo, an important analyst, said that the next iPhone will simply be an update, without adding too many new features that will attract customers. In these conditions, 2016 doesn’t look like a very good year for Apple, and the fans will have to wait until 2017 to see what cutting-edge technology the company will bring.

All in all, it doesn’t seem to be too good of a year for Apple, with Samsung catching up quickly, but all the competition is good for the users who are hunting the latest features and updates.

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