Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Improved Specs and USB-C Port

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

There aren’t many known details about the upcoming Samsung phablet, but reports are suggesting that the USB-C Port that is used for charging and data transfer will make its way to the Galaxy Note 6. The first smartphones that adopted the USB Type-C (or USB-C) standard were the Nexus 5X and 6P, but Samsung didn’t manage to bring this feature to its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagships and it’s hoping to succeed this with the upcoming Note 6.

The reason why the Galaxy S7 didn’t include the USB-C port is because the gear VR headset depends on it and it uses a microUSB connector that plugs into the smartphone. But this won’t matter much for the upcoming Note 6, because Samsung wants to follow in the footsteps of Apple and enjoy the benefits of USB-C. One of the benefits is fast charging, although this option was already available on the Galaxy S7, using a microUSB cable. Besides faster charging, the new version of the standard (USB 3.1) allows users to transfer data while charging their phones, and data transfers are also much faster.

The Note 6 is expected to be launched one month earlier, in July, because Samsung brought the Galaxy S7 in March, instead of April. Other rumored specs include a 5.8-inch QHD display that will be 0.1-inch larger than on the previous Note 5, it will be dust and water resistant likewise the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and will support 6GB of RAM on the upgraded Exynos 8890 chip, while the other variant will use a Snapdragon 823 chipset. Reports say that Samsung will bring a variant of internal memory with a capacity of 256GB, while the battery will be increased from 3000mAh to 4200mAh.

Recently, it was leaked that Samsung is testing out some prototypes of the Galaxy Note 6 with a flat display and a dual-edge display.

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