Rumor: Motorola preparing two Quad-Core Tegra 3 Smartphones for Q1 2012?

So, you may already know about the upcoming quad-core processors from NVIDIA which the call the Tegra 3 (Kal-EL). Well, a new rumor is out suggesting that Motorola is cooking up two new smartphone devices powered by this processor and they may hit the market sometime in Q1 2012. There is still a very long time and we suspect that there would be a few Tegra 3 smartphones announced in the market sometime during the end of this year.

Anyways, coming back to Motorola, the guys at Droid-Life heard something about two devices from the manufacturer which are codenamed Motorola Bullet and Motorola Jet. These two devices would be powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra 3 (Kal-EL) processor and for the moment are scheduled for a Q1 2012 launch. It seems like we may get to know more about these two smartphones at CES 2012.

The Motorola Bullet is rumored to be a full touchscreen device which will sport a 4.3-inch qHD screen with at least 1GB DDR2 RAM (it may also be 1.5GB), 16GB of internal storage, NFC capabilities along with a new redesigned sensor to support is 12 megapixel camera. It is expected that the device may launch before the Motorola Jet.

Next is the Motorola Jet, which is supposed to come with a full redesigned chicklet-style physical keyboard. This device will sport a 4-inch qHD screen, 1GB (or 1.5GB) of DDR2 RAM, 16GB of internal storage, NFC capabilities and probably the same 12 megapixel camera from the Motorola Bullet.

There are no confirmations about these devices and it also unknown whether it would run Android. While we do expect to come bundled with this new upcoming mobile operating system, we wonder whether it may sport their own proprietary web based OS which they are supposedly working on?

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