Rumor: HP Hurricane maybe a WebOS Tablet

After the acquisition of Palm by HP there a lot of people have been expecting a webOS based tablet from HP, as the guys at HP have openly admitted that their only interest in Palm is the webOS. According to a source from HP it seems that the company may soon announce a webOS tablet called the HP Hurricane.

I believe that this acquisition was a real good deal for HP as well as Palm and both may benefit a lot if things work out the right way. Also, I believe that this particular deal will give Palm access to powerful hardware and this in-turn will help Palm to create much powerful version of the webOS which will do really good on tablets. It seems that the HP Hurricane will be coming in the third quarter this year and this means that we may very soon hear a brilliant announcement from HP.

We know that Palm’s new Pre had not created a lot of buzz, but the new webOS was really brilliant. HP has seen some really potential in the webOS and I think that this deal may get us some really amazing products in the future.

Source: TFTS.

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