RIM Shows Android Apps working on Blackberry Playbook

Back in March, Research In Motion (RIM) officially announced that their Blackberry Playbook tablet will be able to runs Android applications. Well, now that the BlackBerry World 2011 Conference is underway the RIM also demonstrated Android applications running on the Playbook.

Check out the Video:

Apparently, now all Android developers who want their applications running on the Playbook will have to put in some extra effort of submitting them to RIM. This is because the Android Market will not be available on the Blackberry Playbook, but instead all compatible Android application would be available in the BlackBerry App World. Every Android app will run in its very own virtual machine and it will also integrate with the whole Blackberry ecosystem.

As the Playbook is a button-less tablet device the virtualization will provide on-screen gestures which will mimic the functionality of the hard keys which are required on Android devices. So, would you be getting a Blackberry Playboook?


Video Courtesy – Crackberry

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