Plants Vs Zombies finally making it way to Android and Windows Phone 7

The popular PopCap mobile game, Plants Vs Zombies is finally coming to Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. It has been a huge success on the iOS platform, since the time of its launch.

The mobile game would be available for Android users starting May 31st via the Amazon Appstore. It is expected to be priced around $3 and will be available free for the first 24 hours of its launch. The game has exists for a very long time and we feel it has seen a drop in its popularity due to many other games which later launch on the iOS platform.

We hardly think it is much of exciting news for Android users as similar games have been present on the platform for quite some time and obviously PopCap delayed the launch by a very long time. The date for the Windows Phone 7 launch is not yet confirmed.

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