PCGameSupply.com – PC Game Retailer.

PC Game Supply is an amazing website to get your games digitally delivered to you at your email address which you can later download. But, that is not all, if you are a regular gamer then I’m quite sure that you will find the website quite awesome!

The website not only offers PC Games but it also lets you buy Xbox Live Points and Playstation Cards. Also, ordering this is not hard at all you get the code emailed, then you enter the code and you are all set. US residents have really good offers for USA Xbox Live Points and it is totally ease to get them. PC Game Supply has been doing this for quite some time and is really known for their services and good customer reviews. Other than a wide range of game from MMORPG’s to First Person Shooters what we like about PC Game Supply is that they can get you instant points for Xbox 360.

So, register yourselves at PC Game Supply right now and get your gaming sorted!

2 thoughts on “PCGameSupply.com – PC Game Retailer.”

  1. The customer service is terrible.

    I am a US citizen living overseas in Japan.
    My order was canceled because I wasn’t able to name a major road near my residence?

    I gave them all the accurate info from my order. They called me, and I gave them all relevant information, even my date of birth.

    I can even verify myself from the Paypal account I used to place the order.

    In Japan, especially in the metropolitan areas, Trains are the main mode of transport.
    Most people use GPS here precisely because there are limited street signs.

    You can’t just walk outside and see what street your on. So unless you were a driver, which I am not, or looked it up on a map, you would not know the roads.

    I tried to explain, and was even asking if there was some other way to verify, but they didn’t even try to help. Just canceled it right off.

    Ridiculous and uncooperative service.

    I never heard of a company canceling an order because a customer couldn’t name a road and then not even offering the customer another method of verification.

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