Oculus Adds Chromecast Streaming Support for the Gear VR

Oculus is one of those companies that keep adding new features to their products at an impressively steady pace. And now it seems that they’re at it again. After having introduced Facebook live-streaming back in March, the company now also added Google Chromecast support for Gear VR as well. This means that it will now be easier for you to share your Oculus experiences locally than it ever was before.

Share Oculus Locally with Chromecast

In order to stream your experience for other users to see, you just need to download the Oculus app, as well as the Chromecast app on your device. Then, you can get on your Gear VR and start Chromecasting around, but not before you tap on the Cast icon. And that’s about it. We just love it when things are simple and effective.

The downside to this new update is the Oculus Rift didn’t get it yet, and we don’t know if it will. However, if you’re one of the lucky Gear VR users, then you already should be able to do this. As for Oculus Rift fans, you guys need to wait for a bit. However, you can also achieve the same effect on Oculus Rift via an attached computer monitor, so the situation isn’t that bad after all.

What You Can Do with Oculus

However, both the Oculus Gear VR and the Oculus Rift have many other uses besides live-streaming your experiences. One of the most interesting things that you can do on your Oculus devices is to participate in a virtual reality casino. This means that you can get the feel of a real casino experience, minus all the money you generally end up losing in a real one, play online roulette to feel the difference.

Oculus devices also support Xbox integration, so if you also own a Microsoft gaming console, you can experience many of the games on it in VR mode. You will need a lot of gear to pull this off, but the experience is totally worth it. Imagine playing your favorite game. Then imagine actually being inside it, rather than experiencing it in front of a screen. Full immersion into something you enjoy is one of the most awesome experiences you can have.

And now, thanks to the new update, you can also livestream all your Oculus endeavors, so make sure to keep everyone posted and share your virtual adventures with the world.

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