Nokia N900 to get 1.2 Firmware Update

After a long time, Nokia has now rolled out the latest 1.2 firmware update for their Linux-based Nokia N900 smartphone.  Looks like many Maemo users will now be satisfied as this update will provide many brilliant changes.

Well, what you can expect from this new update is a Portrait mode in the web browser, complete Facebook IM support, lot of tiny email fixes, a much improved Maps interface, Skype Video calling and a bunch of other new features. UK users got the update yesterday, while users from other countries will get the firmware 1.2 updated from today. Although, before performing the firmware update make sure that you backup all your important data as there may be a risk for data loss.

Anyways, if you are a Nokia N900 user, then update your phone and let us know how good the firmware 1.2 really is.

Here are some images showing you the new changes:

Source: MaemoArena

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