Nexus 6P Problems and Fixes with its Latest Android Update

Beta users faced challenges in the new Android 7.1.2 for the Nexus 6P

Android 7.1.2 Ota has been updated recently by Google and the factory images on the Nexus 6P. According to Android Police, there has been some issues with a beta update popping up for Nexus 6P users, despite them having them update already installed. The latest update hasn’t been a particularly large one, at around 25MB, but afterwards a pop-up for a 7.1.2 version update kept appearing, which might have induced some confusion for the users.

It might have been tempting to upgrade recently, but there have been quite a few issues recently with the 7.1.2 Nougat update. But it is almost impossible to anticipate how your device will react to your new update, and as such it is recommended that you wait for the full release and reviews to show up on it.

We’ve previously seen other issues that have surfaced and have been more or less addressed in several bug fixes and security patches. Regardless of its pretty lengthy beta test, quite a few problems have been seen slipping through the multiple cracks. Issues on the Nexus 6P like installation problems, boot loops, issues with the Bluetooth, camera problems, fingerprint sensor issues, problems charging the phone, and typing glitches, are just some that are plaguing the newest release of the OS. You might even find problems with the battery draining in abnormal ways, or some issues with cellular data.

Pixel users have also been running in more or less the same issues. They have also experienced some problems with the Google Assistant.

All these issues have been, in truth, more or less isolated. With just the fingerprint sensor problem being a more widely spread problem. You could just as easily grab the new update and run into absolutely zero problems.

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