Nexus 5 Still a Reliable Device Option

It is well known, especially by its fans, that the Nexus 5 is still regarded as a great option for a handheld device, despite its aged status. It stands true to its design choices up to this day and fans still regard it as one of the most reliable and trustworthy phones available on the market.


It should not be considered an obsolete device by any stretch of the imagination. As a display, it has a True HD IPS 4.95-inch display that boasts a resolution capability of 1080 by 1920. As a processor, it is powered by a Snapdragon 800. Overall, it still has some strong specs that still keeps it in the game.

While it is not the top of the line devices provided by LG, they have opted to make it a dependable one that can survive longer in the game. Although not the best possible components, the Nexus 5 has the Adreno 300 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

Something that has been reported by users of the Nexus 5 is the very easy changing of the battery when needed. As soon as they changed it for a newer unit, they said that the phone works just as good as if it were fresh out of the box. Other users have been reported to install custom-made ROMs. This helps the device maintain its capabilities fresh.

Despite its great versatility and stout fan-base, it cannot be denied that there are a lot of new devices available with much stronger specifications. Examples that come to mind are the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus by Samsung and the Pixel XL by Google, to name a few. The Nexus 5 will be seeing ever increasing competition on the market, especially since every year we can see new phones hitting the market.

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