PlayStation 4 4.70 Software Update Available with New Changes

A new System Software upgrade has been released today for the PlayStation 4. The company did not offer us any details about this new upgrade but the rumors indicates there will be no major changes, but the appearance of new icons for the PlayStation’s many services.

The two of the best new features that come along with this new firmware update 4.70, includes the ability to view match results for every player when you’re part of a tournament and the enhancement of the system performance.

New Icons And New Design?

The company is clearly avoiding to say what is the main idea for this new update. That might be the new icons for the PlayStation Store, Vue and Now. This adjustment will approach the new and trendy flat design. These are not big changes but changes nonetheless.

There will also be a change for the PlayStation Plus icon, which will be flat too but more subtle than the rest. The buttons are surrounded by thicker lines and placed in a slightly different angle than the old one, without the reflections and the dark background.

The older 4.55 model of the former PlayStation 4 firmware was launched seven weeks before this 4.70 version, and was described as a new enhancement for the performance condition.

Features For The 4.50 Version

The latest major upgrade for PlayStation 4 was launched at the beginning of March. We are talking about the 4.50 firmware version which brought additional features with it, such as Boost Mode for the Pro model and sustain hard drives for external USB. The 4.50 version offers you the ability to watch 3D Blue-ray movies, but only if you own PlayStation VR.

Let us know if you like the new 4.70 version upgrade for the PlayStation 4 and what do you think about the new icons looks.

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