Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Won’t be Launched Without Innovative Features

A couple of years ago both Apple and Microsoft decided to introduce hybrid tablets under the iPad Pro and Surface Pro lineups. These devices are quite different from what we’re used to see since they are tablets which are more than capable of replacing laptops at any given moment. Obviously this means that these hybrid devices are packed with powerful hardware and innovative features.

Even though both companies have been having success when it comes to sales percentages, Microsoft is the one who’s able to boast with reaching the one billion profit milestone. Rumor has it that Surface Pro 4 was the device which helped Microsoft generate so much money during the previous year. With that being said, it’s pretty understandable why everyone is expecting another Surface Pro offering¬†to come out during this year.

Release Date

Taking in consideration the that Surface Pro 4 is a bestseller and that two years have passed since it was released, one might think that it’s safe to assume Surface Pro 5 is already under works. Well, sadly this isn’t the case according to Panos Panay who is Microsoft’s Vice President of Devices.

Panos Panay was asked about Surface Pro 5 in an interview and he stated the following “there’s no such thing as a Pro 5”. The VP has made it clear that we shouldn’t hold our breath in anticipation of Surface Pro 5. However, Panos Panay also claimed that Microsoft will start manufacturing Surface Pro 5 only when it’s capable of bringing “meaningful changes”.


Even though we all are surprised by the fact that Microsoft is not capitalizing on the fact that Surface Pro 4 is highly popular, this might actually be the safest move. Technology keeps on advancing with each day and Microsoft is making the correct decision by deciding to wait a little more until it can pack Surface Pro 5 with innovative features which will give it an edge over its competition.

Rumor has it that Microsoft already has decided to equip Surface Pro 5 with Intel’s latest Core i7 processors which means that the only thing that Microsoft has yet to do, is to decide on the display technology it wants to use. Maybe Microsoft will equip Surface Pro 5 with a TouchBar as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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