Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Comes With An Incredible Keyboard

The new Surface Pro will be available on June 15 starting at $799, but you can also opt for a demo version in Microsoft Stores.

The enemy
The Surface Pro is here to compete with Apple. Ryan Day from Microsoft made it clear that they designed Surface Pro for people who possess an iPad Pro. And I think the new Surface Pro is a lot closer to being a laptop replacement, unlike the 12.9inch iPad Pro.

The Keyboard
The Microsoft Keyboards always stand out. The new Surface Pro Type Cover Keyboard have a tiny distance between the keys which is a lot easier for all the fast typers out there, distance to fully push down a key and great tactile feedback.

However, there are two issues that need improvement:

The Keyboard Material
The Alcantara material feels nice and looks good and is a high-end product, (you obviously need to take care of it) but over time it can become a little bit of a problem. The majority of laptops opt for all-metal surfaces because it’s more durable and difficult to stain. I’m not quite sure if the Alcantra will overdue the all-metal design option for the devices but we’ll see after a period of time.

The Keyboard Is Selling Separately

The Surface Pro is clearly nothing without the Type Cover Keyboard.
It’s like buying a laptop without a keyboard and you need to pay an extra $160 for it, because $1,299 wasn’t much at all.
Also, it comes in four different colors, giving users the possibility to choose one for their own taste.

Baterry Life
With a new Intel 7th Gen Core processor, the new Surface Pro boasts 50% longer battery life than the older version, meaning 13.5 hours rather than 9 on the Surface Pro 4.

It has 12.3inch and a 2736px1824p (267ppi) resolution.

The New Surface Pen
It is selling separately for $99 with tilt support and 4096 levels of sensitivity pressure, perfect for those who use the device for making art.

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